1. Review our Rental Requirements.

2. Go to our Vacancies page, select the property you are interested in, and click ‘Apply Now.’

3. Once your application is complete pay the applicant screening fee for each applicant applying.

Three options to pay your applicant screening fee:

  • Schedule a time to come to our office located on 3590 SW Troy Street, Portland, Oregon 97219, with certified funds (cash not accepted) . Always call ahead before arriving as we are in and out of the office, often. ☺
  • Mail a certified check to, Tindell & Co., 3590 SW Troy Street, Portland, Oregon 97219. *Note: The check must be received before the application can be considered in first position and processed.
  • Pay online using a credit card. (Please note: Applicant screening charges paid using a credit card require a $5.00 transaction fee. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE).

4. Upload your photo identification and 2 most recent paycheck stubs (or any other documents required in our Rental Requirements) directly to the application or fax them to 503-208-2451.

We are unable to complete the processing of your application without all of the above mentioned items. If we are unable to complete the processing of your application due to our inability to receive the required items, your application will be denied and your applicant screening fee will NOT be refunded. The first application we receive will be processed immediately and if you are in a backup position you will be notified. *** Only applicable applicants who apply in a backup position, pay the application fee, and are not screened at all will be refunded the application fee less any credit card transaction fees.

Any questions please call 503-265-8164.